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And if we all cared — just a little bit more…

If we all cared a little more If we all cared a little more

Recently (and all year, really), the media has been filled with scandals and news that boggle the mind for different reasons.

Being a foreigner who speaks little of the local language, I understand (blissfully?) little of what is going on, but it does seem to me that lately for every wrong there are more and more people demanding right – showing outrage, speaking up, calling for action, starting petitions.

Maybe it is just how I filter things through my social media newsfeed, but I see more and more people who at least say, ‘This is not okay!’ which, if nothing else, is a step in the right direction. There is the constant question of, ‘How can ‘They’ get away with it?’ in the air and the probably simplified answer is that most people choose to turn a blind eye.

In my role as a contributor to a leading newspaper, I hear many stories of human rights, animal rights, the environment, even the most basic laws being disrespected in the most flagrant manner, making me wonder if and how things will ever get better if ‘all this’ can go unpunished. Doesn’t anyone care?

It can be disheartening – probably even more so if one lives here permanently rather than having made the island one’s temporary home, like myself. However, I have found lately that there seems to be an increasing number of people who are pushing for change. Just recently I had someone point out that there are actually many citizens out there who care about what’s going on around them – they are just scattered, not very loud and need to get together to join forces.

Spending a lot of time online and meeting so many people in real life, I feel I can at least make a tiny contribution by connecting some of the concerned citizens out there. And we can all do our bit by caring about those little everyday wrongs. For every ‘they’ who doesn’t care, there has to be an ‘us’ who does.

I’ve just met someone who drives to the office but then runs errands in town on his bike. I’ve met someone who’s just had five stray cats neutered; someone who stood in court because an ‘agent’ who has an office to this day, has pocketed her social insurance money instead of paying it and said she would rather go to jail than plead guilty and pay the required fine. I’ve just met someone who got a whole committee and lawyers involved over illegal construction in her block’s backyard… and the list goes on.

Things are changing as people continue to speak up and stop turning a blind eye. There just has to be a collective click to keep the ball rolling. Hopefully, minds will be clicking all around in the New Year and individuals caring just a little more about the way things are going on this sunny island.

Article as published in the Cyprus Weekly of January 1 2016 

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