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Anatidae within the genus Cygnus - Swans

Beautiful creatures they are, curious features they have: 

  1. A swan will mate for life.
  2. Black swans are native to Australia.
  3. A male swan is called a cob, and a female swan is called a pen.
  4. The black necked swan lives in South America.
  5. Swans begin breeding between the ages of 3-4.
  6. Swan eggs take between 35 and 42 days to hatch.
  7. Swans can fly as fast as 60 miles per hour!
  8. A baby swan is called a cygnet.
  9. Cygnophobia or kiknophobia is the fear of swans.
  10. Swans are highly intelligent and remember who has been kind to them, or not.
  11. In 2001, a man in Ireland had his leg broken by a swan when he was trying to provoke it.
  12. A group of wild swans is known as a herd, however a group in captivity are called a fleet.
  13. There are six different species of swans.
  14. The swan has over 25000 feathers in its body.
  15. An adult male is the only bird that has a penis.
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