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A woman of many clever ideas 

Donna Person has lived in Cyprus for 14 years and is not only a social butterfly who is involved in many charities but also a ‘Jack of all trades’ who has many skills, and a very cheerful and positive person. 

I met Donna at an event I hosted via one of my dinner clubs, we then lost sight of each other again for several years and I only saw her name in my e-mails, often sharing events for local charities including the Coeur de Lion (LIONS) Club. 

It is when I recently joined the Toastmasters that the president’s name was no other than Donna Pearson. We have since reconnected and I have enjoyed finding out about her many innovative ideas. 

Tapping into a gap in the Cyprus market

Having worked in the financial sector, advertising, sales and marketing for over 30 years, Donna’s latest business idea is tapping into a gap in the market, that until recently had many Cyprus homeowners lose money and sleep. 

With the constant flow of foreigners leaving and new ones arriving on the island, the real estate market is busy, if flooded with property for sale.  Donna thus started her business venture with a typically difficult situation on an island, where there are many more sellers than buyers. Friends of hers had to move back to the UK on short notice and asked for her help.  

Selling property through online marketing

As a fully qualified digital marketer by profession, it was easy for her to create a website specifically for the sale of the property and market it for them online, worldwide. The house was sold in two days, and seven weeks later the former owners were on their way to the UK with money in their bank account.

Donna’s sites lists all the home’s specifications and feature photographs and most importantly the seller’s direct contact details, meaning there will be none of the all-too-common hefty agent’s fees for the homeowner. 

Even cars and furniture can be included on the website and the surrounding areas are described to ‘make the picture complete’. Her business has also partnered with conveyancing lawyers and removal companies which have agreed to provide good service at a favourable rate, easing the stress.

Dozens of happy sellers and new homeowners within months 

Since its creation in early 2015, Donna Pearson Digital Marketing Agency has become very successful with dozens of properties having found new owners. Donna likes that her services bring such a relief to people who sometimes have been trying/worrying for years to sell their homes. Especially the often elderly homeowners appreciate help with skills they do not possess such as posting and sharing via different social media, online groups, forums and websites, and appearing on Google’s search engine results.

And while Donna’s list of satisfied customers grows so does her network and along her never ending clever business ideas of which we can expect to see more in the future.

More information can be found via her website   


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