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From corporate finance to life style blogging

Bella Sovmiz Bella Sovmiz

Bella Sovmiz came to Cyprus from Russia with her family at the age of 15.  After finishing her schooling in a private school, she studied Business Management in Manchester and worked very successfully in the financial services industry in Cyprus from 2008 - 2015. In June 2015 she turned full-time marketing copywriter, blogger and social media manager at her own lifestyle blog, The Other "F-word". 

I met Bella at the Limassol workshop/conference ‘Business Behind Blogging’ and was really impressed by her stage presence, confidence and eloquence. We recently met for a chat and I found out how she got into blogging. 

Leaving her career in finance to write 

After a successful career in finance Bella decided it was time to leave her safety net behind. She had prepared her exit well though and had saved up for a number of years, sensing that change was coming. She also credits the support of people around her for allowing her this bold move. Initially her writing started via a personal diary, which, when showed to some friends, got great feedback.  

Bella has always liked reading - she loves anything that allows for some escape, especially Science Fiction - but has ‘no idea’ how she got into writing, she says. She would not call herself a writer or a life coach - as she believes such claims require qualifications - but does like both, to write and to lead by example, as motivation to others. 

The Other "F-word" features beauty, fashion & makeup, fitness & health, lifestyle, motivation, reading, shopping, skincare and travel. “Life is multi-dimensional and multi-faceted and should not be limited to one area.” Beauty topics happened to take off first and she does enjoy writing them, often adding humour, but especially likes lifestyle pieces combined with travel. Travel is her favourite way of spending money and time, she says. A new hobby she has picked up is singing. “Blogging has actually given me the courage and confidence to start singing lessons.”  

What’s ahead 

Initially Bella’s writing was in English, but Russian is now being added as there is a great interest developing. She already works with several international, mostly UK-based brands, and offers to write are numerous, but she always likes to take time to reflect. 

Currently she is also doing the marketing content copywriting and editing for the second round of the promotional materials of Health and Beauty Expo/Forum organised by the Russian media group ‘Vestnik Kipra’. She will once again manage the entire social media campaign, as well as produce content for the printed magazine, which will have a 10,000 issue. 

Bella generally does not plan too far ahead and likes to stay open for what comes, but intends to further explore avenues for creativity and wants to see The Other "F-word" expand commercially and geographically. 

She enjoyed her experience at the blogging event and would definitely like to be more in front of people as she is keen to share her knowledge and obviously has the confidence and vision to do so.  

Bella can be contacted via her Facebook page, her website  and most other social media platforms.


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